After 20+ years of smoking, I Finally Quit back in 2007…8 years ago.

Before I quit smoking, I used to smoke at least 1 pack per day. At today’s prices (06/21/2015 in San Diego, CA), that’s approximately 2,921.94 days @ $5.58 plus tax (or $6.07) = $17,736.18.

$17,736.18 in savings – just from quitting cigarettes! Incredible!!

I became reflective and wondered what I’d really done with that money. Did I buy a new car? Did I donate it? No.

To date, I have spent nearly 8 times that in:

  1. developing and creating, a place where people could join and connect with others, who are looking to inspire and be inspired,
  2. designing and trademarking (what I hope to be) the globally recognized logo quitters can wear as a badge of honor,
  3. writing and getting published I Finally Quit…And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting, the “tell all book” of how and why I quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and
  4. seeking the help of expert marketing and mobile app developers to help spread the word about

I wish I could say every single penny was spent in the best possible way; furthering the I Finally Quit Movement.  The reality is the learning curve has been pretty steep and at times the cost of setbacks nearly debilitating; however, with each one of you who has

  • liked” a post or the IFQ social media pages,
  • JOINED the movement, by creating a free profile at the website
  • shared” a post with your wall/followers
  • purchased an IFQ t-shirt, hat, book, or other products
  • downloaded the Action Plan – “The 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking, or
  • hand-wrote a “thank you” letter and sent it in

I am encouraged to continue on.  Me being “David ‘The Quitter’ Ross” quit being about me long ago and is truly about being (what I hope to be) an inspiration to others.

And for that, I’d like to say “Thanks”!

8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking …

.. even if you’ve tried everything and failed miserably in the past!

Access the Plan