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Quitting Smoking?

You’ve probably heard “You’ll quit when you are ready“.
But, how does one get ready? What does quitting really involve?
Quitting takes a plan, confidence and support.

At IFQ, we offer training packages and support — before, during and after quitting, so you can once and for all say …

I Finally Quit“.

1) Plan

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Not sure where or how to get started?

This 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking gives straightforward guidance and lays the mental foundation to leaving cigarettes in your past.

2) Join

Join our tribe :-)

Join the IFQ community through our subscription-based members club; offering a month of the right support for less than the cost of a daily pack of cigarettes.

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3) Connect

Connect with like-minded members who are focused on quitting. Get the motivation, support, inspiration and encouragement you deserve.

4) Inspire

Be inspired and ready to inspire. Club members receive loving, caring support from our community; cheering each other on, as well as quarterly “high fives” delivered to their door* to celebrate milestones. 

Quit With Us!

Plan your success with our 8 Step Action Plan, then  join our member’s area, where you can connect with others.
Be ready to be inspired and inspire others.

Membership makes quitting smoking … easier

Join Now $4.99* / MONTH
Join Now $4.99* / MONTH

*includes FREE shipping of quarterly motivational “high fives” for US residents. Our international friends receive shipping discounts and are billed separately each quarter.

Member Options

Support & counseling before, during and after quitting can increase your chances of success by over 50%

Join our member’s club and move at your own pace OR get direct coaching to reach your goal quicker.

Either way, we’ll meet you right where you are and we’re with you every step of the way!

Member's Club
(Option #1)

  • Move At Your Own Pace
  • Get the Action Plan along with
    Online Training, Support & “High Fives”
  • Access our Private Facebook Group

Direct Coaching Member
(Option #2)

  • 4 Week Online Course
  • (Option #1 PLUS 1 on 1 coaching)
  • Payment Plan Available

Don’t want online trainings, support, answers, guidance, and inspiration? Still want to try and quit all alone?

Get the “do it yourself” plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We will do our best to answer all questions daily in our member’s group and you may ask your specific questions to our founder David ‘the quitter’ Ross during the weekly live Q & A each week. You may also email or text David directly, so your questions get answered.

A: Yes, your subscription is free to end at any time you no longer need or wish to give support. However, please note that refunds for the previous time used are not allowed.

A: All digital and audio** downloads will be available for immediate download! — well, within 60 seconds while your profile is created 😉 **Free Audible download from Amazon is available for first-time audible users and is delivered upon audible account creation.

Access to the member’s group is usually granted same day as requested, 8AM – 6PM Pacific, Monday through Friday.

Quarterly “high fives” are delivered or shipped every three (3) months.

A: Each 4 week course begins the first Monday of the month. Access will be granted then.

Physical items are delivered or shipped during the first week of the course.

A: Yes, you will be able to watch the videos, listen to the audio files, and/or read the downloads.
A: You will receive a unique User Name and Password to our MEMBERS ONLY site. Once there, you will have access to free audible download link and Facebook member’s club link.
A: Yes, of course. We have a “love it or keep it” guarantee with the purchase of our products and access to our member’s club.

Although we cannot guarantee you will quit smoking (that parts on you), we can provide with with guidance and encouragement. In other words, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the technology‚ recording quality‚ or …anything‚ just let us know within the first 30 days and we will give your money back AND you can keep it all anyway (minus access to the Facebook group)!

A: Of course not — membership isn’t for everyone. If you just want the inspirational book I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting that is changing the way people break free from procrastination, smoking, drinking to excess or any other ‘bad’ habits, you may get it HERE.

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