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Tips on how to quit smoking & manage “bad” habits.

Got “bad” habits?

Have you ever wanted to quit any bad habits, but just couldn’t find the right motivation or inspiration? You’re not alone.

We’ve got a community and products to support you!

How it works …

Quitting requires a belief that success is possible. Next, one needs loving, caring, knowledgeable support.

To get started, plan your success with our 8 Step Action Plan,  join our member’s area, where you can connect with others. You’ll be inspired to quit, then your success will inspire others.

Start with access to the 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking; using it as a “road map” to strengthening your belief in yourself each step of the way to success.

2) Join

Join the IFQ community through our subscription-based members club that offers the right support (for less than a pack of cigarettes).

3) Connect

Connect with like-minded members who are focused on quitting. Get the motivation, support, inspiration and encouragement you deserve.

4) Inspire

Be inspired and ready to inspire. With our winning formula of the road map to success and loving, caring community to cheer you on, you’ll be able to say I Finally Quit.

Start Here

Quit Smoking Plans

We offer a range of training packages to support people quitting smoking


DIY - do it yourself
join the club - find community
one-on-one direct-coaching

Get Your Quitting Gear

(IFQ Books, Apparel & More)

Wearing or carrying the IFQ logo sparks real conversations that usually begin with “Hey … what did you quit?

Opening the door for you to be encouraged to keep going, while inspiring others!

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