IFQ trademarked Logo- it

What’s in the logo?

I sketched out the letters I F Q.  The “f” was lower cased and pulled the “I” and the “Q” together.  Next, it “morphed” into the idea of IQ or intelligence quotient and again I thought…”it’s just smarter”. On the day I did kick the habit, I knew “I Finally Quit”…instantly.  I exhaled and said those three words out loud and in my mind I thought “This is just smarter“.

Red and black are the colors most associated with symbols of quitting or banning something, so it kind of came together perfectly.  Now, when I or others wear the t-shirts, commitment bands, lapel pins, and other IFQ gear, people ask “Hey, what is that?” or “What does that symbol mean?”.  This gives us the chance to tell our story – what we are quitting and why we are doing it.  Every conversation ends with someone encouraging us or saying “Good job”.  It’s the “pat on the back” some of us need to keep moving forward.

IFQ - sketches - 2007

Our vision for the logo

We see the IFQ logo being globally recognized as the symbol of quitting.  We see people proudly wearing the logo on shirts, hats, wristbands, and more; letting those around them know they have made a commitment to change.

How did I quit?  Magic?  No, I followed a couple of steps.  It was actually pretty easy.  If you haven’t done so already, you can download the exact system I used below.

8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking …

… even if you’ve tried everything and failed miserably in the past!