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Reading this Book May Cause Freedom (from Addictions)


The inspirational book I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting is a compelling story for anyone who has ever wanted to break free from procrastination, smoking, drinking to excess or any other ‘bad’ habits.

This journey of self-discovery inspires the reader to create ‘better’ habits for life.

As you read this riveting story‚ you may wonder‚ “Could I do this‚ too?

If you are like many people all over the world, you’ll find the answer to be “YES!” and be able to, once and for all, say “I Finally Quit“.

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If you or a loved one have ever struggled to quit smoking, drinking, procrastinating, worrying, or any other “bad” habit …

This book is for you!

For more than two decades, David Ross, founder of I Finally Quit, struggled with addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, making excuses, and more before writing I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting.

Through the loss of his income, fiancé, and support base, then becoming homeless for five years and surviving a 3 day coma, David was inspired to write his “tell-all” story. He put bad habits and decisions in the past; turning to an emotionally and physically healthier lifestyle to become known as — David “the quitter” Ross.

Building an online support community in the process — he now motivates thousands to join “the IFQ movement”; connecting people all around the world.

David uses his riveting story to grip, entertain and inspire; helping the reader discover their “inner quitter”; leaving their bad habits in their past.

Learn tips on how to quit smoking and many other 'bad' habits.

$14.77 | Buy Now

Also available at Amazon, Kindle, Audible & iTunes

If you or a loved one have ever struggled to quit smoking, drinking, procrastinating, worrying, or any other “bad” habit

This book is for you!

Learn tips on how to quit smoking and many other 'bad' habits.

$14.77 | Buy Now

Also available at Amazon, Kindle, Audible & iTunes

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I received my book last week. I just finished it. This is the best book. David has inspired me to be able to do this. All I can say is that this book will help you quit whatever it is that you want to quit. I loved his book. If I’m having a rough day. I will not pick up that cigarette I will pick that book up and re-read.

All I can say is WOW!!! I received my book and spent ALL day reading it. I could not put it down!!! This Book just touched my heart. At times while reading I Smiled, Laughed, Cried and even said Oh No. I can relate to so many things in this book. Before I finished it I KNEW I WAS A QUITTER!

Annette, I'M A QUITTER

… an inspiration to all of us who have ever felt out of control with an addiction. I am incredibly moved by his story, his strength, and his willingness to share of himself. Don’t hesitate to purchase. You will be glad you did. Thanks David.

I purchased this book from the ifinallyquit.com site. I must say it was the inspiration I needed to crush out the pack of cigarettes I had remaining. I highly encourage anyone wanting to make a positive change, to give it a read!

The book is written so well that you will feel as if you witnessed the events in person. The willingness of Dave to share his journey just might save lives; we all have something we want to change– and now I truly believe that we can. READ it– then share it! I am ever so grateful that I did.

I bought this book because I have been trying to quit smoking forever … unsuccessfully. I ended up reading this book in 2 days. It made me laugh, be sad, say “Oh no!”, and other emotions. I realized how much I am like him, and if he can accomplish what he has, than so can I.

This book is so moving and touching. Dave tells personal stories that are unbelievable. Regardless of being a smoker or wanting to quit this book will leave you inspired. It really was a miracle that Dave survived and lived to tell his story. I know his story will save a life. It is a must read!

I really must say the tips and story of David’s life are truly inspiring!! The book was great and the audio (8 action steps) he has out is also wonderful. Also the Facebook group he has is very helpful when quitting just about anything…check it out!!!

This book is so awesome!!! I love how David is so candidly honest about his experiences in the journey to quit smoking and drinking. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to quit literally anything. I did it and so can you!!!

Jennifer, Awesome book!!!

I finished reading this book… All I can say is wow!! After reading, I had a better appreciation of what addiction really is, how hard it is to break, and how you can do it when you finally “flip that switch”. It’s been 15 days since my switch was flipped and I will never go back to smoking.

Let me begin by saying, I am “not” a reader. With that said, I loved this book, and could not put it down. Truth: Easy, enjoyable read, had me intrigued and laughing and wanting more. Truly enjoyed it! Thank you David : )

Such an awesome and inspiring book! By sharing his heart breaking story of addiction, David has reminded all of us that we are not alone in our addictions/struggles. Thank you,for providing this tool to so many people who may have felt alone in their fight to overcome their own addiction.

What an inspirational story, I was rooting for David the whole way. This true story shows how a person can overcome anything they put your mind to whether it is an addictive personality, issues with smoking, alcohol, or drugs or any other vice.

Whether you are looking for a great story or you need inspiration on quitting a bad habit, this is the perfect book for you to read. It takes the reader on a journey and in the end, is an inspiration on taking control of your life. I picked this book up and couldn’t put it down until I had finished the entire story!!

This book is a great read! It helped give me the push I needed to quit a 30 year smoking habit! It’s been six months and I’m really a quitter this time! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to quit something and buy an extra copy or two to share its really that good!

As a healthcare provider I appreciate having this as a powerful resource for patients who need and/or want to be ‘quitters’. This book is very candid and can be utilized by anyone searching to free themselves from any negative habits and regain their life.

But it really does help. Knowing his story and his struggles makes it so real for me. Makes me remember this isn’t just some guy that wrote a book. He put it all out there as his life events. It was amazingly written and I can’t wait to read it again.