Welcome to the ‘I Finally Quit’ Movement

Have you ever felt the deep desire to declare, ‘I Finally Quit’? At I Finally Quit, we transform this desire into reality. Our community supports and empowers you to break free from smoking, procrastination, or any habit you’re struggling to quit. Embark on a journey with us where every step towards quitting is celebrated, and discover how you can finally say with confidence, ‘I Finally Quit!

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Have You Ever Wanted to Quit Something?

I sure did.

I was never happy I took up smoking. You know … once the rebellious “fun” of it wore off.

I used to enjoy having a beer or two with friends, but grew weary of the amount of alcohol I consumed over the years.

I wanted to be nicer to people and not use words as weapons.

I wanted to get things done and not procrastinate.

Does any this sound familiar to you?


So, Again I Ask … Have you ever wanted to once and for all say be able to say …

I Finally Quit

Well, like most people, chances are …

You’re interested in quitting a “bad” habit of some sort.

We all have them. And many of us struggle to quit them.

Whether it be procrastination, smoking, drinking, over-eating or spending, or any other vices, quitting is hard. Unfortunately, giving up and losing hope are easy.

In fact, most people give up on quitting because the urges, cravings or addictions get the better of them, because the body and mind cave in to the stress, feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness or just feeling not “good enough”.

Whether it’s smoking, procrastination, or any other habit, quitting is tough. At I Finally Quit, we understand that giving up is easy, but making a real change is hard. Here’s how you can finally say those powerful words: I Finally Quit.

How ‘I Finally Quit’ Helps You Overcome Habits

I’m David “the quitter” Ross

I struggled with quitting smoking for 20+ years and drinking heavily for 25 years.

Although I’d failed time and time again in the past, I eventually got it right and I succeeded.

Now, I can proudly say “I Finally Quit” … and what a relief!


Since then, I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve developed the 8 Step Action Plan to quitting, found what I call the 5 W’s that identify people’s triggers and can either cause victory or failure when making lifestyle changes.

I went on to form an online community of people just like you, who are looking for help and inspiration.

Quitting is NOT about a single action …

Being able to say ‘I Finally Quit’ IS about having a proven step-by-step system, a supportive community AND creating the right atmosphere before, during, and after your actual quit date. It’s about planning and execution.

Rather than focus on one cessation item (like a patch, pill, or hypnosis), we look at the entire process.

So, if you are sick of trying to do this all on your own, myself and the entire I Finally Quit team would love to assist you on your journey.

I Finally Quit connects people from all around the world to share their individual successes and struggles.

It’s a living, breathing, constantly evolving social hub of change; giving you the motivation and tools you need to once and for all say, “I Finally Quit”.

By joining and connecting to this social network, you’ll find empowerment, you’ll find motivation, you’ll hear success stories, you’ll see the triumphs of people just like you who know, in their hearts the power of saying …

“I Finally Quit”.


Becoming a member of I Finally Quit is simple

Just create an online profile, answer a couple of questions, and let us know what it is that you’re looking to quit or what it is you’ve already been able to successfully put behind you and we’ll match you up with people all around the world.

Not only will reading other people’s stories inspire you, but it will help hold yourself accountable as you tell your story and lead yourself to success.

In fact many other people that come to I Finally Quit seeking help for themselves end up helping others and through helping others, they find that’s the one piece they were missing all along.

So be ready to inspire. Be ready to be inspired.

Sign up today and join the movement. Become a member and take that first proactive step in being able to say “I Finally Quit”.

From myself and the entire IFQ team, we look forward to you allowing us to be part of your journey. I can’t wait for you to reach your quitting goals; putting bad habits in your past and being able to say … I Finally Quit.