The vision for IFQ is straight-forward and simple

the I Finally Quit logo

We see the IFQ logo being as recognized world-wide as a pink ribbon or other logos that represent good, positive change in the world.  We see people proudly wearing the logo on shirts, hats, wristbands, and more; letting those around them know they have made a commitment to change.  We hear stories and have first-hand knowledge about how our logo can strike up conversations.  Wearing a t-shirt, lapel pin, wristband, etc. with the IFQ logo on it almost guarantees someone will ask…”Hey, what did you quit?”  The person wearing the logo can confidently and proudly answer…”I quit making excuses” or “I quit smoking” or ” I quit…” – you get the idea.  The #1 response at that time is “Good job…”  We cannot fully express how good that feels each and every time a person hears it.

A pat on the back

When it gets right down to it and the “rubber meets the road”, most of us humans are wired pretty similarly.  We have ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, successes and failures, and either way, we keep on going.  When we are down, sometimes we need a helping hand.  Sometimes reaching out to that helping hand is difficult, as pride and shame can get in the way.  When we are up, sometimes we need a pat on the back.  Not for pride, but for acknowledgement of overcoming a struggle.

When Dave “The Quitter”, founder of I Finally Quit, Inc. talks about quitting smoking, he says he “felt a huge wave of success go through my body, as I knew…beyond a shadow of a doubt…I Finally Quit!  Not only did I want others to feel that success, I also wanted to be recognized for it.  I just conquered a 20+ year foe in tobacco and nicotine.  I wanted to tell my story, but not to just anyone.  I wanted to tell those who still struggled or thought they could not overcome.”

8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking …

… even if you’ve tried everything and failed miserably in the past!

Access the Plan

Join the Movement

Back to what the I Finally Quit movement actually is.  We envision a couple out to dinner, a lone traveler walking through an airport, or someone going about their business, then someone from across the room seeing the IFQ logo and thinking “Hmmm, I wonder what they quit.”  Ultimately, these people have a quick conversation they both leave better off from.  The “quitter” feels empowered and encouraged in their triumph and the person who approached them feels encouraged that they too may be able to quit…whatever it is they would like to.

Join the movement, become a quitter, and wear the logo.  There is no telling where we can go together.