Quitting … It’s not rocket science

I am not implying that quitting is ‘easy’.  As a matter of record, I say quite frequently that Quitting is difficult. Giving up is easy.”

So, how did I actually quit?

Well, I had to learn how to quit. I studied and studied and studied each of my failed attempts. It took me years to finally get it right. Now, I say I got a “degree” in quitting … actually, a doctorate in quitting. That’s right, I am now David “the quitter” Ross, PHD, when it comes to quitting. I bet you didn’t even know you could get a degree in quitting, did you?

Now, if your brain has all sorts of programs, bells or alarms going off in your mind right now… “a degree? A doctorate? I don’t have time for that! I cannot afford to go back to school” OR whatever is firing off in your head right now. These are just programs that YOU can rewire and YOU can control.

What do I mean about getting a PHD in quitting?

I heard someone talking about “Pig-Headed Determination” one day and how he used this philosophy to grow his business. He was talking about NEVER giving up. I realized I needed to have this “PHD”, when it came to quitting.

I had to be determined like never before.  I needed to make sure I never stopped quitting. Then, it clicked for me … kind of like a light switch turning on or off. I wanted to flip that switch to the ‘off’ position and never turn it back on.

I just had to be stronger than the action, behavior or inanimate object I wanted to quit, in this case a feeble cigarette. I knew tens if not hundreds of thousands of people had quit smoking. I knew I was every bit as strong-willed as they were, but my determination may had been lacking during previous attempts to quit. I need to have a NEW message playing in my head each time I wanted to smoke.

I re-programmed myself to think “I’m every bit as strong and capable as these other people” or “if they can quit, so can I” or “This is the silliest thing…a cigarette trying to get me, a 225 pound human to bend to its will…oh yeah, it doesn’t have a ‘will’, because it’s just a thing”.

In order to help me with this, I wrote out a plan for myself.  This plan morphed into what is now known as the 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking.  It helped me get my PHD and I think it will help you get yours, too!

8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking …

.. even if you’ve tried everything and failed miserably in the past!

Do you see how a simple shift in thinking can empower you? This may sound too easy or maybe just plain stupid, airy, new-age, or whatever to some … not to me though. Not only did I quit, but I’ve been witness to thousands of people quitting. And, if your internal voice is SCREAMING at you right now about how you CAN’T do what I did, ask yourself why that is…especially since you haven’t seen the plan yet :/

Come get the 8 Steps to Quit Smoking Action Plan now and give it a chance … it just may work for you!