It happened again today…

While travelling through the San Diego, Phoenix, and Reno airports this week, people asked me questions about the IFQ t-shirt I was wearing. It definitely wasn’t the first time.  People are drawn to the logo (on the front) and the website address (on the back).  People are curious when they see the words “I Finally Quit”, as we all want to know how to quit bad habits and things that hold us back.  

Robert asked…”Does your shirt say you finally quit?” and later I was asked by Ted…”So, what did you quit?” After my standard introduction of “Well, I’m Dave ‘the quitter’ …eight years ago I quit smoking and three years ago I quit drinking. As I was working on writing my book entitled I Finally Quit and So Can You, I built a website to join people together that want to quit something with those who have quit something – whether it be smoking, drinking, a bad job, bad relationship, etc. Let me ask you … Have you ever quit something or wanted to?”.

Each of them had really encouraging stories or comments.  They told of things they have quit, want to quit, and were very supportive and encouraging in telling me to “keep up the good work”.

8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking …

… even if you’ve tried everything and failed miserably in the past!

How to Quit Bad Habits

Everyone has something they want to quit or need to quit or something that someone else would want them to quit.  If they have the DESIRE, at we have the action plans to help them achieve their goals.