My “bad” habits led to a 3 day coma

In this Real Radio (Giant FM) Interview with David ‘the quitter’ Ross, we discuss how to quit smoking and quit drinking, before you die.

My “bad” habits led to a 3 day coma

Through putting alcohol first in my life, starting at the age of 16, a series of events (like dominoes falling) led to me ending up with broken relationships, no home to call my own and in severely failing health.

This interview takes place at the Giant FM studio just outside of Indianapolis, IN.

The attached video is a candid look at how and when I allowed smoking, drinking and other “bad” habits to take control of my life.  Then, how writing I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting, has allowed David “the quitter” Ross to start a movement; inspiring others to put their bad habits in the past.

I was able to leave behind a 20+ year smoking habit and 25+ year drinking habit. Currently, it’s been nearly 10 years since I smoked and almost 6 years since I’ve had a drop of alcohol.  From as much as 2 packs of cigarettes a day and a fifth of bourbon (that’s equivalent to 4.5 bottles of wine every day) to clean and sober, this interview and the book is changing the way people … quit.

I hope you enjoy the interview and I welcome any questions you may have.  Just leave them in the comments section below.

Peace and success to you all.

Have you ever wanted to quit a “bad” habit?
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About the Author:

David Ross is the creator of the Quit Smoking Blueprint which is a road map to quitting that identifies people's specific triggers; customizing a plan of action based on their behavior and the behavior of those around them. He is the author of I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting and is inspiring quitters to inspire others. Book available at select bookstores and fine websites like Amazon (print or Kindle), I Finally Quit, Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble ... even Walmart! GET IT HERE

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