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What does it really take to stop smoking?

* pills?

* vaping?

* patches?

*  hypnosis?

*  lozenges?

* acupuncture?

* cold turkey?

* aromatherapy?

Those may help with the cravings; however‚ BEFORE you think about cravings and urges‚ what you really need is a plansupport and inspiration.

Our entire Action Plan is built around 8 easy to do steps — each one vital to your success to saying "I Finally Quit". Following the plan makes freeing yourself from tobacco's grip easier‚ while reducing any feelings of anxiousness or overwhelm.

Download the 21-page "do it yourself" plan now‚ then when you are ready‚ join the growing IFQ community+ and be inspired.


Who is this 8 Step Action Plan for?

This action plan is for those who need to quit smoking and want to do it fast‚ without reinventing the wheel. It will put you on the right track and break quitting into 8 manageable parts ... giving practical guidance.


Going on 2 weeks‚ technically 3 in my head. I am seeing significant changes in my skin‚ hair‚ and lungs. My skin isn't falling off dry and itchy! My lungs are clear‚ and my hair is fuller. When I go to work‚ I actually get something done. I can talk to clients and hug my grand boys without smelling like an ashtray. Gross!

Anyone who HASN'T sat down and done "the 5 W's" worksheet really should. It's been an amazing trip for me! I did not have any confidence in myself that I could put down those nasty things. Somehow‚ someway I did. Thanks Dave "the quitter" Ross [I Finally Quit]!


Today I had my first official non-smoking field trip for work!! It felt outstanding to enjoy all the sights and sounds and especially the fresh fall air. Typically what I used to do is look for places to hide and smoke. I love having my freedom back!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me.

...I smoked for over half of my life and I'm 41. I think for the first time in a long time‚ I'm truly proud of myself! I love being on this new journey of better health #ifinallyquit #cigarettessuck #igotthis

Hope everyone has a great day!!


I have been reading through all the material again. The 8 steps. I have written down my 5 W's and my own personal letter as to why I want to quit. I have been smoking for 35 years. I try so hard to take care of myself, I workout 4 - 5 times a week try to eat healthy but yet I can't seem to let go of this one nasty habit.

All I think about anymore is being smoke-free and reading all the messages on here (which I have been doing for a few months now) and seeing all the support and commitment of everyone is sooo inspiring to me.

I feel that I may need an extra boost for a while to help get over the first hump.


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Is this really free?

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