Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Your body will benefit from your decision to quit smoking almost immediately. The longer you go without a cigarette the more health improvements you will see. In fact, studies have shown that stopping smoking can allow you to live 14 years longer than those who continue to smoke!

Below is a timeline of health benefits you can expect to see in your quitting smoking journey.

In the first few hours

your heart rate and blood pressure will drop to healthier levels. Give it a few hours more and the oxygen levels in your blood will increase and the carbon monoxide levels will return to normal. After just two hours of not smoking the nicotine levels in your body will start to decrease. Click here for aids recommendations on essential oils to help you through the quitting process.

In the first few days

your chances of heart attack decrease. Also your sense of smell will start to improve. Damaged nerve endings begin to grow back in this timeframe, which will lead to an increased ability to taste. By day four of not smoking all nicotine and addictive elements will have left your body.

In the first few weeks

physical activity and exercise will become easier as your lungs begin to function properly again. By day ten your cravings will begin to become less frequent. After two weeks withdrawal symptoms will subside. Congratulations! You’ve made it through the hard part!

In the first few months

the yellowing of your teeth and the tar stains on your fingers will have lessened significantly. The appearance of your skin will become less flaky and rough. Coughing and shortness of breath will become non-existent. You’ll also start to feel more energized due to increased circulation. Sinus congestion and fatigue caused by smoking will disappear in this timeframe.

In the first year

you will lower your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. Smokers are twice as likely to develop this life-threatening illness, but your chances will continue to decrease the longer you go without a cigarette.

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