Curt Schilling Reveals the Pain Behind Quitting

Can Anyone Quit…Anything?  Is it easy to do?

Yes…and No!

The good news is anyone can quit.  The goal should be to do it BEFORE you drink yourself into a medically induced coma, like I did nearly 8 years ago.  Or, do it BEFORE you end up going through radiation treatment; “burning the body from the inside out”, as Curt Schilling (ex-Major League Baseball Pitcher) recently went through.  I can totally relate to “being there” in the hospital and having VIVID memories of things that never transpired.  Detox and Recovery can be daunting, so make the stand today and decide to quit – BEFORE your cause yourself and your loved ones avoidable pain.

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Quitting can be easier, when you are surrounded by a support group, like the one that is growing at