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This 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking gives straightforward guidance and lays the foundation to leaving cigarettes in the past.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. This is a 21 page downloadable PDF, complete with worksheets and motivation to get your mind geared up for quitting.  You’ll learn the strategy to become successful; leaving cigarettes in your past. This Action Plan gives practical guidance to isolate your triggers and empowering you for victory … getting real results. Get it HERE. No credit card needed.

A: Yes. We have support available to you 24/7/365 via our Members Only Facebook Group and Telemedicine with Board Certified Primary Care Physicians & Licenced Mental Health Therapists to reach your goal quicker. These are features of our paid support options. There are no term commitments and you may cancel membership anytime.  To pick the right support option for you, please go HERE.

A: We will do our best to answer all questions daily in our Members Only Facebook group and you may ask your specific questions to our founder David ‘the quitter’ Ross during the weekly live Q & A each week. You may also email or text David directly, so your questions get answered.  In addition to this semi-public forum (a paid support option is required for access), you’ll also receive direct counseling, therapy and medical guidance via Doctegrity‘s Telemedicine services.

A: The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.  You can use telephone or video* technology to talk “face-to-face” with US-based, Board Certified Primary Care Physicians, Licenced Mental Health Therapists, Available to you 24/7/365, Nationwide. They are able to diagnose & treat non-emergency conditions / symptoms, prescribe medication and send prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

*high speed internet required for video conferencing.

A: You are able to sign up directly with Doctegrity!  As a preferred partner, we offer their services at a discounted rate.  Directly through their website (, coverage for an individual is $29/mo, a couple is $35/mo and a family is $45/monthly.  Signing up through IFQ is included in our support offerings for just $25 monthly for basic and $55 for three months — saving as much as 60% off their family plan, then $25 monthly AND covers your entire family (Member, significant other, PLUS up to 6 dependents!)  Choose your support option HERE.

**Another great aspect of your subscription through us is, in addition to the reduced costs, you can keep on using Doctegrity for your entire family, well after you’ve quit smoking.  They can diagnose and treat many conditions, saving you time, stress and complications of doctor or urgent care visits.

A: Yes, your subscription is free to end at any time you no longer need or wish to give support. However, please note that refunds for the previous time used are not allowed.

A: All digital and audio** downloads will be available for immediate download! — well, within 60 seconds while your profile is created ;-) **Free Audible download from Amazon is available for first-time audible users and is delivered upon audible account creation.

Access to the member’s group is usually granted same day as requested, 8AM – 6PM Pacific, Monday through Friday.

A: Each new LIVE quit smoking course begins on the FIRST MONDAY of the month and is four (4) weeks.  You will receive instructions‚ motivation‚ and pre-course support starting immediately.  Each week of the course‚ you will receive unique access links to the lessons‚ downloads‚ videos‚ and phone webcast coaching.

A: You’ll receive a “New Benefit Announcement – Activate Your Doctegrity Account” email after activation of your IFQ support option.  From there, you’ll activate your Doctegrity account; granting you access to do an intake or introductory call. They’ll do a thorough intake call (plan on 30 minutes), then get you over to doctors, therapists or counselors to get you through the quitting process.

A: Yes, you will be able to watch the videos, listen to the audio files, and/or read the downloads.

A: You will receive a unique User Name and Password to our MEMBERS ONLY site. Once there, you will have access to free audible download link and Facebook member’s club link.

A: Yes, of course. We have a “love it or keep it” guarantee with the purchase of our products and access to our member’s club.

Although we cannot guarantee you will quit smoking (that parts on you), we can provide with with guidance and encouragement. In other words, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the technology‚ recording quality‚ or …anything‚ just let us know within the first 30 days and we will give your money back AND you can keep it all anyway (minus access to the Facebook group and Doctegrity doctors and therapists)!

A: Of course not — membership isn’t for everyone. If you just want the 8 Step Action Plan to Quit Smoking, that is 100% free and accessible upon logging into our site.

If you’d like to purchase the inspirational book I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting that is changing the way people break free from procrastination, smoking, drinking to excess or any other ‘bad’ habits, you may get it HERE in your favorite format (audible, kindle, or print).

What Our Members Are Saying

I personally am a member of IFQ and I want to just say THANK YOU Dave! I have quit smoking after 30 years and this site has been a huge help.It was a wonderful resource to talk to others who knew what I was going thru because my family just didn't understand how hard it was for me! I feel this site was a true Godsend for me and my health! I'm going on 3 years smoke free and again just want to say ... Thanks!


David Ross, his 8 step action plan, the IFQ support group, and all of the resources David has offered including his book have been instrumental in motivating, inspiring, and helping me get to my final quit and why I am so glad I joined the IFQ Movement.


... me too Shannon [that's what I love about this group]. I never thought I could do this but this group is amazing and has helped me through my toughest time trying to quit ..but I am 1 month smoke free


I feel alive again for the first time in many years thanks to David Ross and I Finally Quit. His eight-step action plan has become an almost daily reference for me - it reminds me of what I have accomplished thus far - and the life I will continue to live. The support I have been given from David and other group members is a lifeline for me. I truly have a new lease on life - and best of all - I don't feel frightened any more! Eternal gratitude!


I love how everyone is so positive and supportive. I didn’t post much but believe I have read posts and found support. Over 200 days clean! Thank you all!!

I realized today usually my routine was tied to when I could smoke etc. I realized today I am finally free of that.
The overwhelming support of everyone here. This isn’t a quit smoking support group, this is a family of supportive people!!!


I'm David 'the quitter' Ross and I've encouraged thousands to say "I Finally Quit".