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Here are just a few of our success stories …

Will You Be Next?

Today I had my first official non-smoking field trip for work!! It felt outstanding to enjoy all the sights and sounds and especially the fresh fall air. Typically what I used to do is look for places to hide and smoke. I love having my freedom back!!  It truly is a wonderful feeling to leave the store without buying cigarettes. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Hope everyone has a great day!!– Jennifer

What made me really quit was of course that I wanted to and that I needed to but my daughter who just turned 25 ask me in 5th grade to stop smoking she said that some man had come to school with something in his throat that he had to talk through and that I please stop smoking and I didn’t do it… Here we are many years later and my boyfriend said to me what am I going to tell your daughter Sara.. when you are gone.. I remember the plea that she had made me many years earlier and I thought of myself in the future with my daughter left without me and of course one day she will be without me but it will not be because of cigarettes… I’m doing much better than I thought I’d ever be doing I did have some rough patches I did have anger issues and I did pissed my boyfriend off terribly and I hurt him terribly but he has forgiven me and he has chosen me because he knows that I am the one for him… He lost his mother to lung cancer I cannot do that to him.. I have to love myself totally in order to keep this going I figured that out from a lot of the questions that David Ross has asked – Lois

All I think about anymore is being smoke-free and reading all the messages on here (which I have been doing for a few months now) and seeing all the support and commitment of everyone is sooo inspiring to me. – Lesley

I am so glad I found “I Finall Quit”.  It has given me the extra push I needed to kick my 30 year smoking habit! I had tried everything over the years to quit … from patches to pills … and this is what finally worked for me! Now I’m a quitter, too! Thanks IFQ – Stacy 

I realized today usually my routine was tied to when I could smoke etc. I realized today I am finally free of that. – Eilis

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