You may not have access to the page you requested. We love your enthusiasm and wanting to skip ahead though.  It shows you are serious about quitting.

As a BONUS feature (since you are here)‚ we thought you may want to find out a little more about the IFQ Movement and how working directly one-on-one with us can get YOU the results you want.

Please enjoy the following (very casual) interview done recently with David "the quitter" Ross and Stacy, a member of the IFQ Community.

In this interview‚ David "the quitter" Ross sits down with Stacy‚ a member of the IFQ community.  Stacy was a 30+ year smoker‚ who had tried patches‚ pills‚ and many other ways to quit. After joining the IFQ community‚ she's now able to say "I Finally Quit" for years!