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Three (3) Free Resources to Get You Started


8 Step Action Plan

BEFORE you think about quit dates, cravings or urges‚ what you really need is support and a plan … an Action Plan.

Our entire ACTION PLAN is built around just 8 steps — each step vital in your success to saying “I Finally Quit“; helping to reduce any feelings of anxiousness or overwhelm.

Download it now‚ then when you are ready‚ join the growing IFQ movement.

Quit Smoking

8 Step Action Plan ...

Download It Now!

These 8 proven steps can take any smoker from 2 packs a day to smoke-free in just about 1 week!

I Want The Plan


Free* Audio Book

Listen to the book that is changing the way people quit … and stay quit for life!

I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting is a compelling story for anyone who has ever wanted to break free from procrastination, smoking, drinking to excess or any other “bad” habits.

This journey of self-discovery inspires the listener to create “better” habits for life.

As you listen to this riveting story‚ you may wonder‚ “Could I do this‚ too?”

If you are like many people all over the world, you’ll find the answer to be “YES!” and be able to, once and for all, say “I Finally Quit”.

*Book is 100% Free for first-time Audible (an Amazon Company) listeners. Register for free 30 day trial, download I Finally Quit …And So Can You: How to Gain Everything by Quitting, listen. It’s that easy.


Online Training

AFTER you access your Action Plan, register for this online “walk-through” of the plan.

The founder of I Finally Quit, David ‘the quitter’ Ross will detail each of the 8 Steps, reveal the “5 W’s of quitting”, how to join our growing community and much more. We’ll even be able to answer your questions LIVE during the webinars!

Free 1 Hour Training to turbocharge your quit smoking plan